Artificial Plant Walls

Introducing VistaFolia®

At Rocky Mountain Living Walls, we understand that live plants aren’t the right fit for every project. We’re excited to offer a new solution in green walls with VistaFolia artificial plant walls. Lush and lifelike, VistaFolia walls are the perfect low-maintenance solution for indoor and outdoor green wall projects.

VistaFolia by VistaGreen

Hyper-Realistic Look and Feel

16 different soft and lifelike plants are used in every VistaFolia signature plant panel. Hand-tied panels are designed with a rich palette of exciting natural tones and hues.

Instant Wow Factor

Artificial plant walls are lush and full from day one, with no “growing in” or adjustment period.  

Lightweight and Versatile

VistaFolia panels weigh less than 3 lbs per sq ft and are simple to install. Placement and design options are virtually unlimited.

Manufactured to ISO 9001

VistaFolia is UV stable, resistant to freeze/thaw damage and third-party tested.

Add Color and Texture

Customize your wall with delicate blooms in white, soft lavender, spring pink or forest flame. Add additional texture with trailing plants or tall grasses.

Low Maintenance

Artificial plant walls require little ongoing maintenance. Cleaning your wall can be done with an electro-static duster or a low pressure garden hose.


VistaFolia artificial plants are recyclable, use no water or pesticides, and help protect building exteriors from UV damage.

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