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to the human habitat

Living walls are plantscapes with purpose.

At Rocky Mountain Living Walls, we’re on a mission to share the benefits of living walls and preserved moss walls. We believe in re-incorporating nature into modern human life. Natural design elements like live and preserved plants promote health and well-being and have surprising financial benefits.

Rocky Mountain Living Walls is the premier vertical plantscaper in Northern Colorado serving Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and more. We’re a full-service shop offering living walls, preserved moss walls, live planted pictures and on-site education opportunities.


What Living Walls Can Do For You

Detoxify Indoor Air

Americans spend about 90% of our time indoors, where concentrations of many pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors. Live plants improve air quality by collecting particulate matter from the air and absorbing volatile compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide.

Conserve and Restore

Outdoor living walls improve building sustainability by protecting exterior walls from UV damage and reducing cooling costs during hot weather. They also provide crucial urban habitat for beneficial pollinators, butterflies and songbirds. Earn LEED points for your green building initiatives through innovation in design.

Supercharge your Workforce

Natural elements in our workspaces benefit employees and the bottom line. Living walls help attract and retain high-demand employees and keep them thinking clearly and creatively. Studies show that nature in the workplace reduces stress and absenteeism and improves productivity.

Boost Profits

Shoppers stay in stores longer and visit more frequently when plants are abundant. Average revenue per customer increases as customers linger and enjoy their surroundings. Living walls are mega marketing tools and make a visual statement about corporate dedication to sustainability and health.

How it works

Every living wall is unique. every client is unique. That’s our approach.

we thrive on identifying your goals and exceeding your expectations. Our process is tailored to the needs of each project. We’re passionate about plants and passionate about service.


What We Can Do For You

Rocky Mountain Living Walls is your full-service resource for living wall systems, preserved moss walls and live planted pictures in Northern Colorado. We’ll take you step-by-step from concept to design to reality. We sell the best living wall system available and partner with local wholesale greenhouses to provide customized solutions that look beautiful and really work.


Planning is the key to success. We meet with you onsite to outline unique goals and challenges for your project. If your project is part of new construction, we work directly with your architect and builder.


We address all aspects of design including wall layout, horticultural design, irrigation, lighting and structural review. A detailed scope of work will be submitted for approval with each project.


Once plans and permits have been approved, its time to build. We work with our curated network of local contractors, licensed plumbers and licensed electricians to oversee the installation of your living or preserved wall.


As with all plants, living walls need regular maintenance to stay looking their best. As seasons change, we tune the water and nutrients to match plant needs. We monitor plant health with each visit and adjust care accordingly.


What We Sell

The LiveWall® Living Wall System

Rocky Mountain Living Walls is proud to offer the simple and highly versatile LiveWall living wall system. The LiveWall system is an indoor/outdoor vertical planter system made of architectural quality molded planter boxes mounted on anodized aluminum. The LiveWall system is designed to grow a variety of plant types including tropical plants, annuals, perennials and even edible plants like herbs and greens. 

Thoughtful Design

The innovative LiveWall planter boxes allow for a natural vertical plant orientation. Other systems orient plants at an angle or even horizontally, stressing the plants and creating soil erosion.

Space for Roots

Generously sized planter boxes promote healthy root growth and increase the longevity of plants. Adequate room for soil encourages circulation around the roots and supports a living soil web.

Made in USA

LiveWall planters and aluminum rails are American made and are covered by a 10-year warranty.

Removable Planter Inserts

Plants in the LiveWall system are planted in  inserts that can be lifted out without tools. This allows for easy maintenance and swappable holiday displays.

Versatile Irrigation

Small LiveWalls are designed to be hand watered. Medium and large LiveWalls are watered and fertilized automatically. Watering is adjustable in each zone of the wall.


The LiveWall system is also available as a free-standing living wall on wheels called LiveScreen. LiveScreen is dual-sided and can be watered with a simple hose hookup.


Preserved Moss Walls

Preserved moss walls are a beautiful alternative to live plants. Our custom-made moss walls display real ferns, mosses and other plants that have been sustainably harvested and preserved. Each installation is a lush work of art that is handmade and totally unique.

No watering needed! Preserved moss walls don’t need water or light and are protected by a 5-year guarantee against color fading. Plants are preserved using an environmentally-friendly process. Contact us to discuss your project and see a sample moss wall.


Planted Pictures

Planted pictures from Rocky Mountain Living Walls are stunning living artwork. These framed vertical gardens look amazing and their smart integrated watering system makes maintenance a breeze. Installation is as simple as hanging a painting.

  • Water only once every 4 – 6 weeks
  • Smart indicator shows when watering is needed
  • Available in 4 sizes and 3 frame colors (see graphic below)
  • Can be hung indoors or outdoors
  • Custom frame wraps and wood grain wraps available

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